How to Make Your Male Guests Feel Special at Your Wedding

It is a commonly believed myth that men do not like to receive favours at weddings. I mean, men are far too cool to enjoy personalised chocolates, receive silver bottle openers, down whisky miniatures or blow bubbles in the shape of wedding cakes aren't they? Of course they're not! In fact, men are increasingly feeling more and more ousted from wedding receptions as their female partners and children are munching through dragees and almonds, whilst they have nothing to enjoy! The ancient tradition of brides favouring their female guests has been part and parcel of wedding celebrations for so long that it's about time this changed. Research shows that providing they are not too girlie, men adore getting favours at weddings and brides who are already adopting this idea are finding it very well received by all their guests. Even in terms of the table settings, by giving every guest a favour it adds uniformity to the reception tables and at the same time makes all your guests feel special, which they are! So, what should you favour your male guests with? Is there a particular favour to give? Well, there is no set favour to give a male guest especially and as it is a very modern idea, the possibilities are endless! Chocolate in any form is always a winner; whether it is personalised, heart shaped, on a lollipop, in a box, on a plaque, in a box or in a bag, most guests don't seem to mind what format it takes as long as it is plentiful!!! Wine wedding favours also qualify as excellent choices. These may be bottle openers, corkscrews, bottle stoppers, wine sets, wine charms, coasters etc.

Personalised matchbooks are also a great choice for your male guests. An increasingly popular choice is also the alcoholic miniature; these can be personalised too and look great at place settings. Don't expect these to be the kind of favour that ends up going home with your guests, they are guaranteed to be consumed there and then!!! Tuxedo Shaped Boxes and Top Hat shaped boxes are also an excellent idea as these can be filled with your choice of confectionery or, if you want to go for something a little different, why not go for a lottery ticket? Favours such as these are guaranteed to raise a smile! Whatever your choice of favour on your big day, just spare a thought for those male guests who more often than not, leave weddings empty handed. Splash out on gifts for your male guests and you'll be so glad you did!.

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How to Make Your Male Guests Feel Special at Your Wedding - Tips for making the male guests, at your wedding, feel special too.

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