Body Language - Reading Sexual Signals

You've mastered online flirting and found a date on the internet, but how do you know they're sexually attracted to you when you meet? Don't worry, there's no need to resort to astrology or reading tea leaves just yet. Your date's telling you all you need to know inadvertently. It's not what they say to you, but what they show you with their non-verbal communication. By analysing their body language, you can pick up the sexual signals they give off and tell whether there's a chance of a sexual relationship. [Read More]

Dating Tip : 5 Effective Ways to Impress Your Date

Struggling for ideas on how to impress your date? In this dating tip guide, I have outlined 5 effective ways to set your lady's heart pumping into overdrive.

1. Make her feel special

If you can make her feel like a queen for a day, then half the job is done. Women somehow find it really irresistible, and will even be turned-on if she is being made to feel special. Show her that you value her company by telling her so over a nice romantic candle-light dinner. Pull out the chair for her. Open the door for her. Bark at the waiter if he is rude to her. These are little things that will make her think that you really cared about her. [Read More]

Tips On Dating When Online Is Not For You

There are a lot of sites and articles relating to online dating. The pros and cons, the great love matches and the dating horror stories. I know quite a few people who have pursued this avenue when looking for Mr. or Ms. Right. How about some tips on dating if online doesn't work for you? [Read More]

Impress your loved ones with special roses!

Since ancient times roses are considered to be the symbol of love, and for centuries giving someone a rose has been considered a beautiful gesture. Because roses are involved in so many stories and legends each type of rose has its own meaning, so you can say that roses speak their own language. [Read More]

Dating and Relationship Tips

Since Dating and Relationships are such a large, important part of everyday life, this article strives to help clear up myths from facts and present an overview of surrounding issues. [Read More]

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