Origin of Wedding Favors

Origin of Wedding Favors Wedding favors are a long-standing tradition in many different cultures and they are regarded as an offering of thanks. These are, some would say, in exchange for the gifts and well wishes that are received. Wedding favors. are always from the wedded couple to the guests. Over the centuries wedding favors have evolved through a long process, though many places still maintain the same original traditions dating back hundreds of years. The actual origins are not entirely known, however, it is believed that the first wedding favors were actually shared among the nobility.

It was not until much later that the custom of wedding favors was copied by the masses. It took even longer for it to become the tradition that we know today. Originally, it is believed that the wedding favor was a gift given by the bride and groom to the guests as a way to thank them for their participation in the event.

It was usually a box filled with confections, which at the time were expensive because of the rarity of sugar. It was not just what was in the box that was expensive. Even the box itself was sometimes made of crystal or done with expensive or ornate work. It was a sign of wealth and privilege to give the guests of your wedding a gift or favor for attending.

Once sugar became less rare, the masses took up the custom of providing wedding favors for their guests following the original tradition. Later, almonds were used in place of the confections originally found. This was a symbol of the well wishes for the bridegroom's new life. Around the 13th century, confetti or sugar coated almonds were introduced combining the two traditions of almonds and sugar into a single gift. The symbolism of this particular combination became the representation of the bitter sweetness often found in marriage. These days Confetti is sugared almonds, a little different from the original sugar coated.

They are usually presented in a confection box or a fabric in sets of five to represent the five aspects of marriage that are wished for: fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness. Over the years, the tradition of wedding favors has remained. However, it has evolved and changed from the traditional gift to a variety of items.

The premise behind the custom and tradition has remained the same. In the United States, wedding favors are a standard contribution and are included in any wedding plan. They can be the traditional confections, almonds or even other types of gifts. The latest trend is to include a personalization on the gift itself to set the reminder of the event.

Small metal or easily personalized items are most often seen. Traditions also vary depending on where a person is located or which ethic or cultural background they are from. While many places and cultures still go with the traditional almonds, there are a number of other traditions, which have appeared over the years. In Armenia, traditional wedding favors are dried fruit and nuts. This is in exchange for the gifts of money, which are collected for the couple.

In China, tea ceremonies are held as a result in some Chinese weddings. The wedding favors may reflect on this tradition. They are usually teacups or bags. During the Elizabethan era in England, it was a tiny flower corsage which was handed out.

There are some who still subscribe to this tradition. France and Greece have the same tradition of sugar coated almonds. In France, it is called Dragees and is usually a small bag. In Greece it is always an uneven number that is given since they cannot be divided equally and thereby symbolizing the unity of marriage.

The Japanese have several wedding favor traditions. Guests of a wedding are considered highly important and it is common to see gifts. of $50 or more handed out to each guest. Manjyu, called Kohaku, can also be passed out as gifts. These are buns filled with bean paste. They are usually presented in pairs of two, one red, and one white.

Alternatively, you may see a paper crane handed out. It is also a tradition for the bride to create 1,000 paper cranes to represent good fortune, fidelity and longevity. They are displayed and then handed to the guests as favors. In Switzerland, wedding favors are red handkerchiefs. While in Malaysia, the favors are decorated hard-boiled eggs.

Wedding favors represent the thankfulness that the couple has towards the guests that come to the wedding. Whether it is the traditional gift of almonds or something a bit more modern, there are a number of different things you can do. Thankfully, these various options from traditional to contemporary give everyone a chance to enjoy the event that brings two people together. Wedding favors are not just a traditional way to say thank you for participating in the joining of two people. It also symbolizes the aspects of marriage that everyone wishes the couple well on: happiness, wealth, health, fertility, and a long life. It is part of every marriage toast made, that these five things are mentioned even in most of the wedding ceremonies themselves.

Wedding favors are a traditional and important part of a wedding. They may seem small but they have a long history and they are something that is deeply rooted in the modern ceremony. They show the appreciation of the couple to loved ones and friends, and with personalized gifts they can help to serve as a solid reminder of an important event.

They also serve as physical representations of the main core wishes that everyone gives at the beginning of a marriage. Everyone wishes for a long life together, children, prosperity, and health in order to enjoy life and, of course, the happiness of being and creating a life together. These are the reasons why wedding favors are not something that should be cut from the wedding as they often are due to costs.

It is even more meaningful in some instances to create hand made favors for guests or something which exemplifies the couple's personality.


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