Dating For Youngsters

If you have a young boy or girl who is getting ready for that first big date of their teenage life, you can probably remember how nervous you got that first time. And for many parents, we get as nervous as the kids get about that first stab at taking a girl out on a date for real. So if you can help him out with some ideas on what to do and how to conduct the date, it will make things go a lot smoother for him. If you have a son he would probably prefer to do it all alone, but it is inevitable that he is going to rely on some sort of chaperone during the date.

After all, you have to drive them around don't you? Make sure he has planned ahead for this so he does not sulk when you have to take them both to places. Some people have too many expectations of a first date, they think that they will make real progress and fall instantly in love on that date. Speak to him about that, make sure he understands that if they can just go out and have fun then that is a good first date, that it takes time for love to blossom. To get past the first date nerves then you could suggest to him that he organises a group date.

This means that both he and his date will feel more comfortable and will be able to get to know each other without all the pressure. Having said that though it is important you let them know that they should be staying with their date while out. Not slipping off with their friends to have fun and then wiping out the whole concept of a 'date'. He may be wary of a group date because he thinks that other children will try to steal his date away from him. First of all reassure him that if she is interested in him and he is paying attention to her during the date then he should not need to worry about that. Then tell him that one trick to get people to stay away is to give her something that she will wear which will show people that she is interested in him.

Try a flower for her hair, a bracelet etc, just something simple and inexpensive, she will be pleased to receive a present and if she wears it then everyone will know she is his date. There are other nice outings that two kids can enjoy together and begin to explore the world of dating. Bowling is always good because it's a game and once they get there and start playing, the nervousness will disappear. Movies are always good too as long as the feature is age appropriate because parents can drop the kids off at the theater and know when to pick them up. Although the traditional idea of a date is a nice meal together, then I don't think your young guy should try that before he gets more experience or if he messes it up he may be reluctant to try again for a while. A bite to eat at the cinema is fine, or going to the food court and buying her dinner is sufficient for him to feel like a gentleman, then after a while he should have the experience to try his hand at a restaurant date.

At the end of the date, expectations should be kept minimal. The young man should know that a kiss may not be proper with a first date situation. He should be encouraged to walk her to the door and do all the polite things but it would be entirely understandable if her mom or dad came out to greet the kids so a nice handshake or hug good night is plenty. But if she leans in to kiss his cheek, he should be well coached to hang that cheek out there and accept that kiss.

If the young couple feels like they got to go out together, that it was an event where they were definitely "a couple" and if each got to do some datelike thing on that outing, that is plenty of romance for the first time out.

If you are looking for romantic date ideas then have a look at this video first.


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